It was my presumption that I would write about my own experiences here as well as collecting interesting stories and news from around the web. But I did not think that I would have a story to tell so soon.

Let me make another quick introduction first. TheBoss is my husband and my Dom. He is also many other things too great and glorious to mention here, but as time allows I will let you know more about him.

Yesterday was a very hard day for both he and I. A very heavy legal matter is weighing on both of us. And like many other couples, we find it hard to treat each other as well as we should when we are burdened with something so pressing. As a result, we spent a great deal of the day sulking and snapping at each other.

The whole matter came to a head when we were due to go out and take our evening walk and I realized, much to my surprise, that I did not want him to accompany me. I told him as much and this upset him. We had a bit of a row there in the driveway – the end results being that I stormed off down the road while he stayed behind and told me not to leave.

“So?” I hear you ask. “That is not really such a big deal.”

Well, this is where D/s relationships differ from those of the rest of the “vanilla” world. TheBoss is in charge around here – he gives the orders and it is my job to obey them. Walking off down the road when he has told me to come back is a pretty blatant rejection of his authority. These fits of pique and independence on my part are not considered desirable sub behavior, and as such they are punished pretty severely.

I only have to walk for half an hour to meet my exercise quota, but I stayed gone a good bit longer than that, friends. I had to stay gone long enough to work off my anger and frustration. When I came home, TheBoss was upstairs on the treadmill running off his frustrations as well. I went back to the bedroom and had a good long chat with a friend who cheered me up and bolstered my confidence to go face TheBoss and talk.

We talked for a long time – hours, in fact. No one was angry any more and we both were able to open up and talk. Soon we were hugging and feeling much better. Apologies had been made and hurt feeling had been smoothed over.

And this is the part where my relationship is probably very different from yours. He embraced me and reminded my of two things: 1) That he loves me dearly, and 2) That he would have to punish me for my unacceptable behavior. I was expecting as much.

He took me back to the bedroom and got the strap while I positioned myself. I can tell you from personal experience that a leather strap can put a lot of hurt on a bare backside. If you have ever been there then you know just what I mean. And being older doesn’t help – every time is just like the first. This strapping was no exception; it hurt like hell and I cried out and made a commotion. I would tell you how many licks I took if I knew, but I don’t have the presence of mind to count at times like those. Let me suffice it to say that it was a lot – quite enough to redden my behind most thoroughly and put me in a world of hurt. 

When he was finished he held me while I apologized again – all was forgiven and peace had been reestablished.

I am writing to you now sitting on a very sore behind, but by grace alone, with a very clear conscience.