Hello, all, and welcome to our world!

In either a stroke of brilliance or a profound lack of imagination, I’ve decided to use the handle TheBoss (just ‘Boss’ to my friends). Since that’s what I’m called in our neck of the woods, it seemed appropriate.

It came to my attention that my submissive wished to start a blog page. (“Can I do a blog, sweetie? Please, please, please!”) Since a sub left to her own devices is likely to get into a lot of trouble, it became my task to review the blog and occasionally provide my side (i.e. the right side) of any stories she may post.

As the mood strikes me, I may also provide essays or insight into the nature of D/s relationships (one is already posted for those of you who are interested.) Our household is unabashedly male-dominant, so I’ll almost always refer to Doms as male and subs as female. While this may annoy some, there is no constitutional right not to be offended. Since my whole lifestyle is offensive to various people, I’m not going to apologize for my use of language.

I hope you appreciate what my subbie is offering up for your amusement and entertainment. She is a delight for me and, I’m sure, for many of you. Enjoy!