My submissive and I recently saw an infamous video by Rigid East (sometimes known as Rig-East) titled Wild Party. Now that’s entertainment! The story is minimal and the acting is all in the Czech language, but that hardly matters compared to the most excellent caning meted out by the ‘Father’ in this case.

The thing that caught my attention (and that of the shapely wenches being welted) was how remarkably efficient the cane was. With the lightest of swings, the rod was raising tremendous stripes–nicely colored and well-defined . . . a joy to behold.

I commented that I’d love to own a can like that and my statement was met with a shocked look and an expression of disbelief, “Would you really want to use that on me?”

“Certainly,” I responded, “If the situation warranted it.”

Which brings us to the current poll. Do you think I should have such a cane “Just in case?” Give us your opinions in the poll on the right side of the page!

Also, if you happen to know where I can buy that type of cane (I already have several, but none like that one), please send me an email.