As usual, I was in no mood to be spanked. I begged and pleaded with him to change his mind – but his mind was made up. I was positioned face-down on the bed with my wrists secured to the headboard and my ankles spread out in a most unladylike manner and secured to the large spreader bar. I was already feeling sorry for myself because the only time he bothers to tie me down is when he intends to play really hard – still, there were only 36 strokes. . . I should be able to handle that, right?

The Humble Hand

Most good spankings start this way, don’t they? Eight quick hand swats and I was already 1/5 of the way through this ordeal.

The Brutal Belt
There are two spanking belts in this house. Both are made of really good quality leather and are hard to ignore. This is the worst of the two. TheBoss thought it would be a good idea to swing really fast and really hard – not giving me a moment to breathe in between strokes. That makes a real big difference in a spanking. Normally, I could take seven belt strokes without even breaking a sweat. But when they were delivered fast and hard, tears come easily.

The Painful Paddle
TheBoss’s favorite paddle was bought on eBay before they changed their policy and stopped selling things like this. It’s a really nice paddle (as these things go) and it stings like nobody’s business. It was a Valentine’s Day Gift. (What was I thinking?!) Seven hard and fast swats with this and I was crying real tears, friends. This thing is serious!

The Calamitous Cane

It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? And yet it can cut through flesh with little effort, leaving weals and welts that last for weeks. It is a smooth piece of rattan that has been coated in polyurethane. It is flexible and nasty. Fortunately for me, the worst cane strokes are those that are given slowly and precisely. So I was spared the worst of this by the fast-pacing of the session. Mind you, I was still screaming, thrashing, and crying pitiful tears after seven strokes with this, but there were no cuts or lasting weals.

The Barbarous Bathbrush
So now we get down to business. This is the most-hated of all implements. I would rather be caned in Singapore than endure a paddling with this evil bathbrush. Those of you who voted for me to get all 36 with this must really hate me! Seven fast swats with this bad boy and I was ready to sell my soul to the Devil to make it stop. The neighbors all along the block surely heard the screaming and wailing – it’s a wonder no one called the cops. Please, if there is any mercy in you whatsoever, don’t ever suggest that TheBoss paddle me with this again. It is beyond brutal.

Now, gentle readers, don’t feel too sorry for me. I did enough of that for all of us. But really, as a subbie I’m well aware that spankings happen – even really nasty ones. Though my backside is sore and uncomfortable to sit upon today, I hold no grudges and feel no resentment. I’m just thankful that the bathbrush didn’t win the poll – I would’ve had to move away to some hyper liberal nation where spanking is illegal.

I hope everyone is satisfied with the outcome – I know TheBoss certainly is!