TheBoss and I did a little shopping yesterday and we were delighted to come across an antique rug beater. This one will just have to be for show as the canes are aging and won’t endure much beating these days.


There has been a certain amount of talk over at the Spanking Blog about where these things can be bought new. It seems there are dozens of them for sale online if one looks around a little bit, but I did find at least one place that seems to be making new ones. Stillingfleet Basket Company in the UK is making them from willow.

Another search led me to an interesting page where carpet beaters were being sold, and at very cheap prices: A World of Wood . However, despite a near total lack of information on this site, I am fairly certain that these are miniatures for doll houses.

I can’t vouch for the quality or the sturdiness of either, but if they can beat the dust out of a dirty old carpet then surely they can beat the foolishness out of a naughty sub – right?

Here’s to keeping those carpets clean!