It is my personal opinion that the American political landscape is becoming increasingly more liberal. What I find interesting about the changing political climate is just how often I discover that the politics of the elected fail to match those of the people whom they serve. 

It would be hard to find a teacher, pediatrician, counselor, parenting advisor these days who would admit to being pro-spanking – especially in a large urban area.

So today while I’m bopping around the web looking for interesting spanking information, I happen across a parenting site. It is filled with the ultra-liberal dogma and the requisite anti-spanking articles. (They are talking about children here – not adult DD, of course.) And though I have no interest in entering into a debate on the efficacy of spanking children in this forum, I found this poll utterly fascinating.


Even at the touchy-feely parenting site, the poll shows that 81% of those polled believe in spanking to one degree or another. And that is with nearly 80,000 votes cast, so we’re not talking about a few people throwing the numbers out of whack here. Of course, like all internet polls, it is not scientific and the reliability has to be somewhat in question. Still. . . I can’t help but thinking that there is something that the liberal intelligentsia is missing out on here.