I have been reading another blog recently – one that I am not going to mention by name here because I imagine the wonderful folks who write it might not appreciate my concern. They might think that I’m offering criticism of them or their lifestyle – which I am not. It’s just concern really.

As I was reading about their life together from the subbie’s point of view, I came across a lot of things that started to worry me. All I ever seemed to be reading about was one dire punishment and humiliation after another. It appeared to me that she was treated coldly and cruelly much of the time and I felt for her – it was as if her Dom was completely without a care in the world for her welfare or happiness. I began to wonder if she were truly happy and if her needs and desires were important to him.

I shared this concern with a friend of mine. He agreed with me but pointed out that anyone reading this blog might come away with the same impression. I was horrified that anyone could ever think that TheBoss and I are anything except a dedicated, loving, adoring couple.

At any rate, it means I need to clear up a couple of things – so here goes: TheBoss only treats me harshly when I’ve intentionally thwarted his desires, disobeyed his rules, or have behaved rudely and disrespectfully. Of course he and I also do play scenes together, but they center around mutual satisfaction and gratification. He would never do anything intentionally to cause me anguish or despair.

But when I am behaving myself properly and doing what is expected of me, you will never meet a more wonderful man in the world than TheBoss. He is polite, respectful, and very concerned for my happiness. He listens to what I have to say, he cares about how I feel, and he never belittles or humiliates me as a person.

TheBoss and I are absolutely and 100% a D/s couple, but just because the two of us have different roles in our relationship does not mean that that he doesn’t treat me with respect and dignity. Most of the time he treats me like a queen. He lavishes affection and gifts on me – and he takes excellent care of me. When I don’t live up to my end of the bargain, he corrects me – but it is with the intention of strengthening our bond and bringing us closer together as individuals.


For my part, I’m the luckiest woman alive. I have the much-sought-after prize of true love, mutual respect, and admiration. Very few people in the world can truly make that claim.

I love TheBoss with all my heart and spirit. Just like the sky and the ground, he and I are completely distinct, unique, and each with our proper place in the grand scheme of things. We are likewise as inseparable and timeless.