Yes, it’s true. I imagine you dear readers get tired of hearing that I’m in trouble again. You probably shrug your shoulders and think things like, That Invidia never learns.

TheBoss wanted to go shopping today and I didn’t. I just wanted to lay around the house in my night shirt all day and be lazy. But he told me to get dressed and ready to go out. I did just as he asked me, but once dressed, I sat down at the computer and started looking at Barbie dolls over on eBay. (I do so love Barbie dolls!) He came back into the room rather annoyed that I hadn’t made an appearance and told me that I needed to get up because it was time to go.

Then I made a bad choice. Instead of getting up, I clicked on a link to look at an especially intriguing I Dream of Jeannie Barbie doll. And she is just adorable! How could I resist? (Off Topic: Isn’t she just every male Dom’s dream come true? She’s so cute and sweet. And she calls her fellow “Master.” What’s not to like?)

At any rate, I hadn’t gotten off the computer fast enough for TheBoss’s taste, so he ordered me to get into position for a spanking. This I did with no fuss, even though I was feeling utterly grumpy about the whole matter. It was the belt again and much like before, my right cheek really takes the worst of it. I wiggle and squirm around hoping that the belt will land somewhere else. It never seems to. To make matters worse, I was wearing my collar – and disobedience while wearing the collar automatically earns six penalty strokes with the cane.

Canes must be hard to aim when they are being swung hard and fast. The first stroke landed decidedly “north.” I let out an awful squeal and got out of position. The next five were more where I expected them to land, though they were equally as painful. The thing about the cane is how it breaks the skin and leaves terrible, painful marks – especially over on my already sore right cheek. I have six marks to remind me that getting up when ordered to do so is more important than I Dream of Jeannie Barbie. Five of the strokes just left a mark where the tip of the cane landed on the far end of my right cheek. But the first one left an angry red stripe that remains vivid hours later. Interesting. . . . I don’t know why that is.

TheBoss intends to do an elaborate scene with me tonight too. Having already been swatted twice in very recent memory, I find myself less than enthusiastic about a scene. I have tried to distract him on several occasions but he is showing amazing persistence and purpose this evening.

The good news for you is that I’ll have another tale of woe to share with you tomorrow – that is if you aren’t tired yet of hearing about me getting my tail-end spanked.