There are two sides to every spanking (besides who’s on top and who’s on bottom, that is.) One side is the punitive aspect (i.e. spanking to punish) and the other is the prurient (i.e. spanking for the sexual thrill). I know there are those who claim to keep absolutely strict boundaries between the two though, honestly, someone who enjoys giving spankings has got to get turned on even if it’s not part of the scene. Regardless, the two are thoroughly mixed together around here, though some situations are much more on one side than another.

Tonight, my sub and I are going to indulge in a ‘just because’ spanking. Actually, she’s been bad lately and has been punished for it, but tonight is all about me swatting her tail for my own pleasure and amusement. Half the reactions out there (roughly) will be “That’s not right!” and the other half will be “Well, yeah, why have a sub if you can’t do that, dude?”

Both responses are perfectly reasonable, actually. Depending on the relationship, it might legitimately be out of bounds to simply announce a spanking for no better reason that the pleasure of the Dom. On the other hand, our relationship is of a different variety. Invidia understands (though doesn’t always agree) that I will insist on such things on occasion. I don’t do this often, or lightly, because that can breed resentment… which leads to more bad behavior, not less.

Technically, spankings strictly for fun can’t be termed punishments. A punishment is an action that attempts to change behavior. In other words, bad behavior leads to punishment which, theoretically, leads to better behavior. (As a side note, that’s why the death penalty isn’t a ‘cruel or unusual’ punishment. You aren’t trying to change the convict’s behavior, you are dealing with them permanently.)

Within the bounds of our mutual understanding, though, swatting her for my pleasure is a profound act of submission. Invidia doesn’t enjoy spankings, far from it! What she does enjoy is the domination, the transfer of power, the caring afterwards and the feeling that she is being cherished. She knows, on a gut level that is far more powerful than the merely intellectual, that she is owned and beloved.

Perhaps these spankings aren’t just for my fun after all.

Details will be forthcoming tomorrow, gentle readers.