Despite numerous delaying tactics, it became time for Invidia’ex swatting du jour. When I made it abundantly clear that I would not be swayed she submitted with better grace. As the night’s whippings were going to be intense, I used the wrist cuffs and restrained her face-down on the bed. The joy of mixing bondage and discipline is that the sub doesn’t have to maintain a core of self-control… she can thrash and wail all she wants since, at that point, she has ceded all power and control.

I started with a ‘light’ hand spanking though she was ouching immediately. Perhaps she was in a heightened state of receptivity? I had been talking up the night’s agenda for some time. Thirty or forty swats left her ass nicely red and ready for the next step.

One of our favorite toys is my old leather belt. It carries a lot heavy symbolism (the whole ‘daddy’ thing) and I’ve found it conforms nicely to the shape of a buttocks, even to the point of hitting the ‘low spots’ so to speak. Since I was going for reaction and not a specific number, I simply kept swatting her with it until she was squirming nicely and her soft exclamations had gained a bit more volume and urgency. It was at least two dozen swats, but it could have easily been three.

I moved on to a very light paddle we have. It was a dollar special bread paddle, weighing a few ounces at most. It was probably just intended for show as it could only pick up a muffin or two, not even a whole loaf of bread. The fun thing is that it is 100% sting with no thud. You could swat someone all day with the thing and do them no damage. The trick to this tool is to hit a lot and fast. Trying to hit hard would probably just break it, but you can elicit a lot of pain if you give absolutely no time to recover. The sting from each swat adds and magnifies if you don’t allow any time between swings. In no time at all, she was writhing most delightfully and crying (though without tears, I surmised by the tone of her cries).

All of the above was just the warmup for the real stuff. I think she could sense a shift in the mood. I gave her a rest between each new implement because this wasn’t a punishment scene and I wanted her to stay calm enough to avoid hysterics and uncontrollable wailing. This time, though, she tensed up more than relaxed so I gave her some more time and ran my fingernails lightly over the reddest part of her cheeks. From her reactions, this sensation is pleasant, more so after the area has been whooped firmly. When she seemed ready, I continued.

As anyone who has been caned knows, it can be brutal. The cane I chose was a springy stingy sort, designed to elicit immediate pain and reaction rather a long-term soreness. Basically, I swatted evenly but relentlessly. On occasion, I’d pause to let her settle down a bit and then I’d start right back up again. Invidia was moving now and I could tell that I was nearing the edge with her. This wasn’t a night for going past boundaries, so I didn’t push her as hard as I have on other occasions. She got a few nice stripes for her collection before we were done!

Lastly, we finished up with my favorite paddle. Yes, it’s that nice black one from her birthday spanking. I can’t go on enough about how much I enjoy that piece of wood, it’s excellent in too many ways. If I can find some time and the inclination, I may go into more detail later. Really, a paddle this good needs a name. Black adder? I’ll come up with something.

I made no attempt to be subtle: I held her more firmly to the bed with one arm and swatted her soundly. She was crying out (still no tears, but it wasn’t a tears scene except if they came by accident) from the first and I kept it up for quite some time. Her struggles were, literally, futile and I must say I drew as much pleasure from that as the actual swatting. When her sobbing had reached the right pitch to my ears, I stopped the paddling and released the bindings.

We spent quite a few minutes after that cuddling and I rubbed cream on her sorely abused buttocks. This after care is very important to us, whether we had completed a punitive scene or a fun sex scene. It is a bonding experience, in addition to being a display of submission to me on her part. When a girl has been spanked and spanked hard mere seconds ago but she willingly comes and lays her head on your chest, you know that there’s submission there, and trust as well.

Novice Doms might consider this sort of thing demeaning to their Domliness (I brush her hair, too, for that matter.) What they don’t understand is that when you possess someone, when they have given over their power to you, you are responsible for them. A Dom who doesn’t care for the needs of his sub is a poor Dom indeed. My attention also showed her I appreciated the trust she has in me and the things she puts up with for me (a spanko scene was far from what she wanted that weekend!)

Having gotten what I wanted out of the swatting part of the scene, we cuddled for a bit longer and then moved on to the sex (y’all have been waiting for this, haven’t you? Yeah, I thought so…) So for the second (or third) time that day, we pounded the mattress. (That’s a very accurate, if not a very graceful, term. I’m not a graceful guy when it comes to such things… but I do have fun!)

To cap off the evening, Invidia volunteered a blow job. Just so you know, she dislikes blow jobs… a lot. I’ve seen her volunteer one in only three circumstances (as opposed to being ordered to give one): When she was way drunk, when she was feeling very loving and grateful for something I had done, or when she was very submissive. Since we hadn’t been drinking, I figured I must have done something right and that was a great way to end the day.