As I’ve said on many occasions, I don’t like to be spanked at all. But the weird thing is that on some very strong emotional level I do like to feel dominated. I like to feel like I had my limits tested and I do like to feel like I was overcome by someone stronger, smarter, and more powerful than me. So, the end result is that no matter how much I hate being spanked, it always profoundly turns me on. Last night was no exception. I was in no mood to be spanked – especially not at the level of intensity that TheBoss had told me he wanted to do it. But in the end I was wildly turned on and behaved like most men wish women would behave in bed.

To a friend in email I likened the journey to riding a bicycle over a steep mountain. Getting the bicycle up the mountain is a lot of sweat, hard work, and hell. But the payoff comes when you get to ride back down the mountain, blissfully unburdened and free to enjoy the exhilaration of motion and wild abandon. It is an experience that I dearly love.