Perhaps it is because I grew up in the largely rural Bible Belt and perhaps it is just a part of Appalachian culture with which I strongly identify, but I admit to a very focused fascination where Christians and discipline meet. There is a strong connection there that stirs my interests even though the talk is almost never about adult DD. If we take an average Christian discussion about discipline and we take out the words “child” and “children,” we will find a very strong correlation to what many of us consider the core of D/s relationships. Further there is a very pronounced male dominant attitude in most branches of Christianity which, due to my obvious tendencies in that direction, I find utterly delightful.

The following excerpt is from a Christian site titled The Loving Art of Spanking. Unless, like me you have a fascination with religion and discipline, I don’t recommend reading the page.

How hard and how long do you spank? The idea of corporal punishment is to inflict enough pain to break the will without doing serious injury. In the King James translation of Proverbs 19:29 it recommends “stripes for the back of fools.” This suggests that a proper beating will be forceful enough to leave marks: red lines or even possibly welts that disappear shortly. A spanking is supposed to hurt! Mere tapping with the rod, or spanking through layers of clothing, will not be effective. It is the pain that works brokenness. But without pain a spanking is a waste of time.

Obviously TheBoss is in agreement with that as he seems to be keen on stripes and pain. Politically correct or not, there is no arguing that pain is a strong deterrent for most folks, myself included.