Long time readers of The Collar Purple are undoubtedly familiar with Invidia’s aversion to exercise (in this case her thrice weekly walks.) The stated goals of many lifestyle submissives (or their Doms) are various sorts of ‘improvements’. This might be exercise, better attendance at work/school, or simply keeping the house cleaner. Of course, when the sub’s will fails, the Dom fills in the gap with inducements.

As you probably have guessed, punishment makes up a big part of the encouragement around here, but there are rewards as well. Her allowance is tied to good performance with her walking, and the cane is waiting if she doesn’t exercise on schedule. It’s only three times a week, so there is some flexibility for her (after asking permission, of course.) We’ve delayed for such things as illness, bad weather, work conflicts and so on. And certainly there are no complaints when it comes time to spend her rewards!

The crucial thing, however, is that the expectations remain constant. The Dom’s side of this bargain is that he has to stay vigilant and not get lazy when his sub does. The cumulative good effects of the training are lost without consistency. No matter how much fussing, whining or other complains, he must stay on track if he ever expects his sub to.

Which brings us to this Monday. Invidia’s normal exercise days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But yesterday we had much cooler weather than the past few weeks, Invidia was feeling well-rested and there wasn’t any work to get caught up on. Therefore, on her own, she decided to walk a day early to get her first weekly walk out of the way. In case you don’t realize, this is unheard-of around here.

I couldn’t have been more proud of her. I know she dislikes these walks immensely but, as she put it, there’s was no reason to fight it because she knew I was watching, so she might as well get it out of the way. I praised her effusively, and she deserved it. This is exactly what can be accomplished with good oversight: she did what I wanted without hassle and without tears because the groundwork was solid.

So if you are embarking on some behavioral changes of your own, follow the simplest of rules: Reward good behavior, punish bad behavior, and, above all, be consistent.