Once again the terrible, terrible walks have caused problems around here, but not without a good ending. After our last argument about walking and ‘nagging’ her about it, I changed the rules: she would get no warnings or reminders, but would simply be punished if she failed to exercise on schedule.

This last week has been a tough one with various things popping up, events to organize and work craziness. So I allowed Invidia to delay Thursday’s walk to Saturday and Saturday’s walk to Sunday. All seemed to be according to plan until Saturday night. True to my word, I didn’t say anything until it was obvious that she wasn’t going to comply. I informed her that she was due for spanking at bedtime.

She was very annoyed by this (having simply forgotten) and felt it was totally unfair. My take, however, was that someone given a very kind reprieve should take special care to meet the conditions given for that reprieve. I planned for six strokes with the cane (our thinnest and whippiest) but Invidia was mad and brought out an attitude. In her opinion, a reminder would have been the best course of action and she was going to show her displeasure by being as unrepentant as I’ve ever seen her.

Given the circumstances, I changed the amount of the punishment. She would still get caned for not doing her exercise, but she would get it far worse for failing to walk down the Path of Forgiveness: Admission of Guilt, Penance, Genuine Repentance, Asking for Forgiveness. For that sin, I was going to cane her until the tears started flowing. That turned out to be in the neighborhood of thirty. I wasn’t taking it easy on her, either. That cane stings like the dickens and I only paused enough between strokes to let the previous one sink in. She did end up crying, but was still as rebellious as ever (Invidia can hold onto a mad for quite some time!) She rolled away (not being tied down) and reluctantly rolled back only after a few minutes and me making it obvious that I was going to wait until she complied with my orders. I gave her six more and then, after a bit of cream on her heavily welted ass, I gave her another opportunity. She steadfastly refused to comply and was, if anything, even more stubborn than before.

At this point, were I a less experienced Dom, I would have been stuck: what do you do with a sub that simply refuses to obey? We talked about it for a bit, but I wasn’t going to budge a single iota. I pointed out that she was choosing not to be submissive and trusting my authority and judgment of her behavior. The breach in the relationship was from her side and it was incumbent on her to make amends. After she calmed down and thought about it for a bit, she agreed with me. She admitted that her behavior was terrible, apologized and asked forgiveness. Whenever there has been a rift in our D/s relationship that has been repaired, there’s always a spanking, It reestablishes our roles and cements them in place. So, once again, Invidia was caned that night for another 10 strokes.

With domestic harmony restored (and a bit of frolicking), we finally went to sleep.