It was bound to happen! Eventually I was going to forget to take my walk and I was going to have to pay for it at the business end of a rattan cane.

It is a powerful and dangerous thing when two stubborn wills collide as ours did last night. TheBoss felt I owed him an apology. I felt that I had nothing to apologize for since I hadn’t done anything more that lose track of time. He decided to change my mind by means of striking me repeatedly with that damnable cane. On some nights it would have worked, but last night it didn’t. And when I say that it didn’t work, I mean it REALLY didn’t work.


I’m not sure what made last night so different. I suppose it was the feeling of injustice I had. From my perspective I had simply lost track of time, which is a very minor sin in the grand scheme of things. To his perspective, I had refused to do my exercise and was not only being non-compliant, but was also being insubordinate. I don’t mind doing the time if I’ve done the crime, but the punishment seemed terribly unfair to me and it triggered my most resistant and most defiant attitude.

I managed to earn myself a whole “butt-load” (pardon the pun) of extra strokes by refusing to apologize, refusing to acknowledge any guilt, and refusing the simplest requests. I figured I’d just let him beat me into unconsciousness and then I wouldn’t have to listen to him any further. And then he’d feel guilty! Yeah, I know – not such a hot plan after all.

Fortunately for me and my bruised rear-end, he stopped long before unconsciousness came calling. He let me brood for quite awhile until the anger and the defiance had dwindled away into nothing. By then I was able to see that the situation was entirely of my own making. I was able to apologize for setting the whole series of events into motion and for upsetting the entire evening.

Reconciliation around here involved an admittance of guilt, an apology, and a punishment to endure. The punishment was another ten strokes with the cane. He was using the light springy cane which stings like no one’s business, but it doesn’t break the skin or leave bruises. So no serious damage was done, friends. No need to worry. I don’t even have any marks to complain about today.

I wanted to make it up to him today so I took a three mile hike this afternoon instead of my usual one mile jaunt around the neighborhood. The 94° heat was punishing, but not nearly so bad as that god-awful cane!