For the most part I’m very tolerant of the views of others – especially where spanking is concerned. I mean, there is a great variety in opinion out there and I’m not going to pretend that mine is the only one that counts. Still yet, occasionally I come across some anti-spanking propaganda that is so extraordinary that I am left not knowing whether to laugh uncontrollably or weep with grief for the lunatics of the world.

Today I happened upon The author is about as hysterical about school paddling as anyone I have ever read before. There are some uproariously funny images on his page as well, all have bold copyright symbols on them so I will not do him the dishonor of violating his work. However, I do encourage you to go take a look at them.

Methinks Mr. Charles has some issues he needs to work out on his own. I’m guessing that he was on the receiving end of a few paddlings himself, and though he doesn’t claim any lasting physical injuries, he is the first person who might be able to claim legitimate mental and psychological damage. ‘Cause folks, I’m telling you, in my opinion something ain’t right with the man!

He is working on a book which he has titled Southern Education. I’m quoting here from his chapter titled “The Phallic Paddle.”

“He may even be “he-man” excited by her rape victim-like tears, or psychological trauma and withdrawal, or in some cases even by her pleading with him to stop hurting her. All the more arousing and flattering for him to realize that she is painfully overwhelmed by his manhood, that she’ll be “taking home some bruises,” and that she will “never be the same” after he brutally traumatizes her. The paddled redness of her buttocks and thighs from vasodilation and internal bleeding corresponds to the red outward blood that might result from a brutal rape, or from the “popped cherry” of a “busted virgin.”

“That the middle-aged male principal effectively has a harem, possibly of hundreds of teen girls under his authority to spank, is also a fantasy come true.”

Indeed Mr. Charles? Tell us more about your fantasies!