Having my panties pulled down and my rear paddled used to be an unparalleled trauma. I mean, what could be more humiliating and embarrassing than that?

I’ll tell you! It’s having my panties pulled down, my rear paddled, and having a microphone stuck in my face to record the entire proceedings. It makes one a little more self-concious than usual.

You may wonder why we would do such a thing. It has to do with a long overdue promise that we made to a friend. He is a talented paddle maker. He sent me a really nice paddle for a gift a few years back – all he asked in return was to hear a recording of it being used.

Well, a number of things came up and the recording never got made. Recorders weren’t working, software was malfunctioning, kids were in the house, etc. . . . Eventually my friend and I fell out of touch and the whole thing was forgotten except occasionally when we’d see the paddle in the toy chest and feel guilty.


Having a blog does seem to bring old friends out of the woodwork though, and luckily for me, my old friend made an appearance in email and we began to correspond again. Unluckily for my behind, he remembered the unkept promise and reminded me that I still owed him a sound file of me getting my hiney spanked with his paddle.

Of course it’s a really painful stingy paddle. Of course it hurts like heck. Of course TheBoss wasn’t going to take it easy on me. So there I was – bent over the bed having my fanny swatted with a microphone in my face.

You want to hear it no doubt, but that’s a special gift just for my friend. If you send TheBoss a spiffy paddle that you have made by hand just for us, he’ll probably send you a tape too. And maybe it won’t even take three years to get it!