What does there seem to be any number of Dommes working for pay out there and very few Doms? The economics of submission leads to predictable results if you do the math properly. We’ll stick with heterosexuals for now because, frankly, I don’t understand the homosexual mentality as well as the heterosexual. If you’ve got any thoughts on that just email me and I’ll post your comments.

Keep in mind that women, in general, can get all the sex that they want for free. There are certain issues of standards and how low you are willing to go, but this is a good rule of thumb. Couple this with the fact that there are any number of guys who are quite willing to Dom just to get sex at all (even if that isn’t their favorite kink) and you get a high supply, low demand situation. Therefore, you would expect very few for-pay Doms to be able to make a living. Of course, really good Doms might be able to turn a few bucks, but they are a special case.

On the other side, we have male subs. Men, again in general, have a much harder time getting sex even with low standards, heh. On top of that, our society really frowns upon ‘unmanly’ men. Women, despite what some will say, don’t respect men without a confident demeanor. Men likewise look down on guys that would want such a thing. So male subs, much more than fem subs, will keep in the closet and not risk public humiliation by revealing their sexuality. This need for secrecy added to the fact that women don’t tend to fall on the Domme side of the fence leads to high demand, low supply. A perfect opportunity to make some money on the side. A discreet professional can provide the service and no one is the wiser.

Until our society gets much more accepting of the D/s lifestyle, I predict this patter will continue in the near future. If anyone reading this is actually in the scene, and getting paid for it, send some mail and I’ll set up an interview, heh.