Recently my subbie was taunting me about never buying new spanko toys. I must admit that this is true to a degree. I’m perfectly happy with what I have and sometimes it takes incentive to get me out of a rut. Of course, putting a mocking submissive in her place was the perfect incentive. Also, the gentle readers of The Collar Purple had decided (via our first poll) that I should get a wicked cane to put Invidia in her place. Who am I to argue?

I had my eye on one of those english-style hooked canes but wasn’t certain. We don’t have any local dealers, so I’d have to mail order. I went searching on a wide variety of sites and finally found one I thought I liked. Still, I had all those windows open and decided to browse around.


One item caught my eye… an acrylic transparent colored cane. Hmmmm, sounded interesting! A nicely flexible and sturdy plastic cane was exactly what I wanted. I quickly changed my plans and put in an order (to Invidia’s dismay). Along with that order I also picked up a nice-looking crop.

Ever since I got that cane, Invidia has been on her best behavior (heh-heh), but the crop is mild enough to enjoy without being punitive. (I promise you, though, when we use the cane, you’ll hear about it!) Today was the first time I had a chance to really try it out. In exchange for a movie and a home-cooked dinner, she agreed to help out with the testing.

I must say, I really understand now why people like crops! It produces a nice slap for very little effort and it’s easy to aim. Because it has a relatively small striking area, you can aim it at all sorts of sensitive areas without hitting too much around your target. Plus it’s just awfully fun to gesture with. You can point your sub in a direction, tap the parts of her body that you want repositioned and whack with it. What more can you ask for?

I gave her 20 fairly stingy swats, alternating cheeks but setting an easy pace. No bruising, but the striking zones reddened up nicely. The nice whoosh-slap! sound was just the icing on the cake (well, that and the little cries Invidia gives out when I swat her just right). I predict I’ll be using this a lot in the future. If you have a tack shop near your house, you should give it a try. I hear they are relatively inexpensive and you can always pretend you’re interested in horses, heh.