One of the profound joys of being a Dom is that you get to have things your way. Maybe not all the time, and maybe there are limits, but as a general rule you call the shots. A similar joy can be said of running a noncommercial blog/webpage. So when I feel like putting up spanking haikus, no one can tell me otherwise, heh.

According to most definitions, a haiku has a 5-7-5 syllable structure and usually makes reference to the seasons in some way. Here’s what I came up with but please send me your Spankus if you are inspired! (Or if you just hate mine and want to see better ones up here…)

Cool autumn breezes
Bring thrice-damned fall allergies
Thwarting spanking plans

Your red cheeks glowing
After well-deserved paddling
Like twin sunsets, no?

Dinner is not ready
House is unclean and cluttered
Get over my knee, slave!