A loyal reader (who shall be known as Miss B) sent along a list of phrases her former Dom used to use on her. Funny they are, but I imagine they have more impact when one is on the receiving end of a whoopin’. When Miss B asked him for permission to send the phrases along he told her that she had ‘paid for’ them at the time so they might as well be hers! Some of the phrases he used were:

I’m gonna put a kaboom on your caboose.
I’ll tenderize your rump and then roast it.
Your smart ass remark just bought you a smartin’ ass.
I’m just trying to give you a healthy glow.

My favorite is the last one; I’m learning the fine art of taunting a sub who’s about to get beaten, so every bit helps, heh.

And, from Invidia’s childhood, her grandma threatened to “Jerk a knot in her tail.” if she misbehaved. And, more often than not, would follow up on her threats with a variety of ouchful implements.