One of the rules around here is that when Invidia is collared (yes she does have a purple collar, but this one happened to be a silver chain with a cute lock) and is to be punished for any reason she gets an extra six swats with a cane on top of whatever is normally applied. Well today was the day that I got to use my new cane, heh.

Another rule is that if I catch her using her vibrator without permission she gets punished. (You can probably guess where this is going, eh?) Well, she misjudged when I would come into the bedroom to wake her up and get caught red-handed, so to speak.

We warmed up with my crop since it has a nice sting and the new cane is all thud. She was ouching and writhing nicely after about a dozen swats so it was time to move on up. For those of you who haven’t played with an acrylic cane they are quite stingy if thin enough but they are quite thuddy with just a little more thickness. I had bought this one because it was a nice length and I ended up with the thuddiest cane I had ever used. Not wanting to bruise her, I used a very gentle hand with it. She may have a different opinion of this…

Judging by her reaction, her opinion was quite different. I hadn’t thought to strap her down for just six swats but I see I may have to in the future. There was a pause between each stroke to get her back into position and not even a bruise to show for my efforts. I’m certain with just a big more swing, I could get an extreme reaction with very little welting/bruising. It’s a tool I’ll have to use cautiously, but it will definitely be part of our play in the future!