Feast your eyes (and taste buds) on the Top Ten Kinky Foods List!

Okay, now c’mon…you didn’t really think Easy Cheese was just for
crackers,did you? Grab your bishounen and some sort of edible item and enjoy!

10. Easy Cheese
(Cheese in an aerosol dispenser? Who would miss that opportunity?)

9. Ice Cream
(Favorite flavor? Minty Maxwell!)

8. Jell-O
(Jigglers! *cackle*)

7. Chocolate Sprinkles
(Or sprinkles of any kind for that matter, OH HO HO!)

6. Peanut Butter
(Chunky or smooth? Your choice!)

5. Honey

(Nice and sticky.)

3.Marshmallow Fluff
(‘Nuff said!)

2. Chocolate sauce
(Hot or cold…either way it’s a good time!)

1. Whipped cream
(Kink in a can)

Personally, I love food and I love sex. . . but I don’t like them together. I have to give a double thumbs-down to the whole concept. Still, “different strokes” and all that.