Wash dishes.
Pick out spanking outfit by trying on all skirts in closet and feeling how they hike up when bent over table.
Let cat out.
Remove all hair from entire body. Spend 45 minutes hunting down strays with tweezers.
Let cat in.
Pick up 14 skirts from floor and put away.
Realize that chosen dress does not match any good panties and redo outfit selection process.
Let cat out.
Let cat in.
Run out of diet coke.

Let cat out.
Clean bathroom. Decide to simply close shower curtain and hope partner is not nosy.
Paint toenails red.
Remove huge splotches of red nail polish from toes.
Recall former playmate who used to call this color “Fuck me red” and decide to tell current playmate this story if he comments on color.
Attempt to remove splotches of red nail polish from fingers.
Realize that story might be taken as an offer and decide not to tell it. Consider changing story to “Spank me red,” but only if conversation is sparse.
Paint fingernails red since stains are unremovable.
Let cat in.
Bandage all obvious cat bites.
Notice that it is almost 11 pm and there is still too much to be done.
Chat on ICQ for approximately 1 hour while examining pores in makeup mirror.
Attempt to lure cat from bed in order to change sheets.
Decide that midnight is too late to vacuum.
Moisturize skin. Consider moisturizing cat.
Attempt to figure out which perfume goes best with blue panties. Spill entire bottle of “Obsession” on carpet. Realize that this means that red panties must be worn.
Let cat out.
Wonder if red panties with red toenails will be too cute.
Avoid cleaning kitchen by writing silly “Night Before Spanking” list.