don’t mean extreme whippings, I mean bad ones. I’m not a cruel person usually (though Invidia may disagree) but I have to critique this pic I found on the web.


Judging by the rest of the person’s art, they have a basic grasp of anatomy, perspective, shading and so on. What they lack is an understanding of composition and physics. This is obviously the work of someone who has never handled a whip in their lives. Probably never even seen one in action is my guess.

Okay, somehow we are supposed to believe that, from the side, she can whip someone’s tail underhanded. She’s about a foot away with a 5-6 foot whip, to boot. There ain’t no way, no how. My guess is that the artist was using two different pictures and just tried to paste them together.

There’s a lot of people out there that think they have what it takes to be a Top, Dom, Master, Mistress, etc. Pray that this artist never gives it a try on your fanny or both of you will be in the emergency room with embarrassing injuries.

By the way, when has a whip ever made a ‘CLAC!’ sound?