A standing rule around here is that Invidia has to thank me when I put the collar back on her. Some of you subbies might be confused about why this would be a big issue. The problem is that Invidia is a different sort of subbie and, in her own words, sometimes just doesn’t feel like submitting… gracefully or otherwise. Regardless, she failed to do so the other day.

Another rule is that if she breaks a rule while wearing her collar, she gets six extra swats with the evil, evil purple cane. So not only does she get it for this infraction, she gets it twice as bad. Mind you, she wasn’t in the mood to begin with and she was even less so when I told her what was in store for her.

Still, she made her way to the bedroom and lay down for her thrashing. Twenty solid ones with a stiff, leather belt and six strokes with the cane. All accompanied by a scolding about how she knew the rules and adherence was demanded of her. One of two things usually occur at this point: her stubborn streak has taken a firm hold or her submissive side has come out. This time, her stubborn side ‘won’, so to speak. She backtalked in a way that may best be described as ‘unwise’.

Since more correction was obviously necessary, out came the implements again to school her properly (and more severely). Once again I reminded her what her place was and that she was absolutely to submit to my authority. Being pouty is understandable and may even be a subbie’s privilege, but outright bad attitudes combined with muleheadedness is not acceptable. After this round of lectures (and swatting, of course), she finally submitted.

Frankly, I’m pretty happy with the scene. Yes, she was acting up, but persistence (and a strong right arm) carried the day. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, she always tells me that she loves it when I win. Being stubborn is a thing she might not be able to control, but she definitely wants me to be stronger than she where this is concerned.