The topic of women dating ‘assholes’ in preference to nice guys has popped up over at ErosBlog among other places. I have to agree with those people who opine that women like confident men, but our society has encouraged decent guys to not be ‘cocky’, ‘bold’ or ‘brash’ and left that territory for the macho jerks.

It is possible to be strong man and not be a loser but that particular archetype has been attacked for decades. Well-meaning feminists have given way to, frankly, those with an anti-male agenda. They equate male strength with female weakness. Men are not the enemy of women, but that’s the approach they’ve taken. It’s easy to see how someone can fall for that particular fallacy, but strong, intelligent women recognize that both genders can be empowered without weakening one in favor of the other. It’s interesting how similar the worldviews of modern feminists and old-school misogynists are, just with the genders reversed.

The only way that the ‘chicks only dating jerks’ cycle can be broken is to allow the Confident Male archetype to reemerge as a respected part of our society. In the past, the classic gentleman was not regarded as an archaic and sexist concept. But if we respected gentlemanly behavior (and the males that showed it) as much as we once did, all those women who are flocking around the jerks today would find much better company in the future.