One of my duties around here (gladly undertaken) is to help Invidia change her behavior for the better. This includes both domestically and at her workplace. Don’t get me wrong, she is a hard worker and very conscientious. However, certain of her work duties she simply has had a hard time remembering to finish. This is where I come in (heh heh heh). Without going into boring detail, there’s a silly bit of paperwork she has to complete every day before leaving work (in addition to all the other stuff she has to do… and that’s a lot).

In order to ‘focus her attention’ on the task, I agreed to whoop her tail any day she forgot to do it. Invidia said she noticed that she was remembering much better almost immediately. This was all well and good until last Monday. She had to rush out of work to hit the post office on time and failed to finish the paperwork. As this particular trip to the P.O. was rather important, I let her slide with a reminder that I expected everything done the next day.

Y’all can see where this is going, can’t ya?

You guessed it, she forgot again. As I mentioned, she does do a lot at work and this week has been particularly stressful, so I let her off with ten swats with the leather belt (the softer one, not the mean one) and admonished her to do all her work the next day. Silence. I reminded her again. More silence. I gave her one last chance to respond appropriately (the proper response=Yes sir!) and when she failed to do so, I hauled out the belt again.

This was when she blew up at me. She thought my reminder was terribly insulting since she hadn’t done it on purpose. In my world, I was just reminding her that this task was part of her job and she had to work harder at remembering. The lowdown for that night was that our D/s contract had been breached. It was far too late in the evening to get a proper resolution to the situation, so stuff remained unsettled.

Today we talked it over and worked things out. She agreed her behavior was very insubordinate but felt, at the time, she couldn’t (not wouldn’t, couldn’t) have responded any other way. She had just gotten her tail swatted . . . and here I was adding insult to injury. We made up and that meant it was time for our traditional make-up ritual . . . more spanking of course. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there is no better way to cement a D/s contract or to reestablish one that had been temporarily set aside.

Unlike her last punishment, this one was brutal. I gave her a few dozen swats with the belt to warm her up and then strapped her down so she wouldn’t move around too much for the rest. Then I continued with the belt: fast, hard and relentless. I only paused every so often to let her catch her breath. After a few dozen more swings, I moved on to the cane.

I didn’t use full force because the Purple Cane is wicked . . . House Party wicked, for you fans of Rigid East. But I swung it plenty hard enough, and often enough to cause her great discomfort. There was no doubt in her mind afterwards that I was serious about her behavior and attitudes! Despite desperate pleading on her part, I continued on the full course of punishment I had planned out. The cruel among you will be pleased to know that she is sporting some new stripes and bruises as reminders of today’s lesson. (As a side note, Invidia suggested again today that I go back to the rattan canes. I told her that I really liked this one and was keeping it. No doubt she will try to convince me again on some other day.)

I’m glad to say, all is well today and peace has been restored. And, at least as long as her stripes sting her, she’s unlikely to forget her paperwork!