There are two types of submission around here (well, more than that, but I’m only going to talk about the two that matter for this story.) There is full submission where Invidia is on task and does what she’s told in both body and spirit. Then there’s the type that I got last night. This is where she obeys the letter of my orders, but with a silent animosity. I don’t get the proper ‘yes sirs’ and ‘no sirs’ that I expect. Yes, she may get her tail whipped, but she has not submitted, so to speak.

There are two ways of dealing with this sort of thing. First I can be so prescient as to foresee such situations and head them off. Frankly, I’m terrible at this and I know it. There are people who are masters of this art for but, alas, I can but envy their skills. The second way is to literally whip the attitude out of her. This is a hard path because the attitude might have been caused by my own mistake. Most people’s instincts are to apologize and make amends. This is well and good, but a Dom can’t allow bad behavior even if he may have instigated it initially.

We had a fight (another thing that I need to foresee and avoid) and then talked we talked it out. As per usual, all our fights end with Invidia getting her tail swatted soundly. She had pointed out, rightly, that I swat her harder and longer when I’m playing than when she has been bad. I’ve been striving to change this and Invidia got the fruits of that labor last night!

Keep in mind, by this time we had made up, so this was an act of pure submission. She was lying face down on the bed, butt exposed (and still red from the ‘twelve days’ swattings.) I chose the crop because I could whip her with it quickly and with strength with no fear of any real damage. It has a lot of sting, but little more than that.

Still you couldn’t tell it by what she was going through. It was obvious that it stung like hell. I swatted her fast so that it wasn’t a bunch of individual yelps of pain but instead long moans puncutated by gasps. Sixty-six swats later, her bottom was a shade or two redder and I had no doubts about her attitude. Some cream to cool the burn and take the sting out and then we cuddled until bedtime. She was exactly the sweetly submissive girl that I love so much and that was a good way to end our vacation, I think.