have this secret little site. . . okay, it’s not so little – and perhaps it isn’t so secret either. But I never seem to see artwork from this site posted anywhere. It’s a Japanese site and it is nearly impossible to navigate. (I find that to be true of most Japanese sites. The Japanese people are great at a lot of things, but webpages don’t seem to be one of them.)

Before you link over there though, I should warn you about a couple of things. Other than the site being entirely in Japanese and hard to navigate, many of the pictures feature very young-looking subjects. I know a lot of people are squicked by child spanking images and there seem to be a lot of those over there. Also, the quality of art varies widely: much of it is phenomenal while some of it is utter crap. Lastly, there are some very brutal images over there too. Surf over to my secret little site at your own risk, my friends.

Here are some of my favorite images from there – all from a single artist and all of the same model:

Yeah, I’ve felt like this before.

She’s lucky she’s been allowed to keep her pants on for this one!

Ooops, guess I was wrong about those pants. There they go!

I wonder if I ever get this look on my face?

Don’t you just love this artist? (Wish I knew who he was so that I could give him proper credit.)

Okay, that does it. Now I don’t feel so guilty for not having created art for such a long time. Do not send complaints to TheBoss and demands that he punish me, please. After all, I have told you about my secret little site. I’ll get back to the old drawing board one of these days when my muse has returned.