I’m frequently entertained by blonde over at Love of Slavery, but she has a thoughtful side as well. As a Dom, I don’t think much about Dom classifications. Being on the other end of the cane, so to speak, she has summed up the field succinctly and offered her own opinions.

While she has covered almost all types, there’s probably a few smaller sub-species wandering around. There’s one I call the Nookie Dominant. He’s a Dom simply because it’s a way to get sex, pure simple. He differs from the Selfish Dominant because it’s not control he craves, but simply the physical act of coitus.

Then there’s the Poser Dominant. He’s a Dom because it’s ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’. They usually claim to have far more experience than they actually possess and expound endlessly (and ignorantly) on topics which they know little.

After looking over the classifications, Invidia declared that I was definitely a “Prince Dominant”. Wasn’t that sweet of her? Heh