I was in a garage today getting my annual inspection done. It was taking quite awhile, so I struck up a conversation with a black lady who was likewise waiting for her car. We had been watching one of these television shows with a no-nonsense judge. I think it was Judge Joe Brown (and he is definitely a Dom… that man is In Charge.) Out of a sense of impishness, I suggested that what the defendant in that case needed was a sound spanking (she had an attitude on her that would’ve caused Mother Theresa to get itchy palms). I was rather surprised when the woman agreed heartily.

As it turns out she was a retired schoolteacher. Moreover, she was a retired schoolteacher for a catholic middle school. She was right on board with the concept that much of the problems in schools these days (and in our society in general) was caused by a laxness from parents. You could definitely tell that there wasn’t any backtalking and disrespect at her house!

Now this isn’t some BDSM, D/s scene person here. Just an average person, on an average day. We may be more extreme than most, but more of society is on our side of the discipline line than is generally recognized. Perhaps the tide has shifted enough from the bizarre touchy-feely theories of the seventies and back to something that at least remotely resembles reality?