Thanks to Kane magazine for this lovely shot!

Warmest thanks to Colorado Spankers for this piece of art.

And the insightful and delightful folks over at Bethany’s Woodshed sent along this merry link of Christmas tales and artwork.

Here is just a tiny sample of what you’ll find over there. This is an excerpt of a poem by “Fred” titled ‘Twas Weeks Before Christmas.

‘Twas weeks before Christmas
And here in this house
A wife was preparing
To be spanked by her spouse.
Her evil games played
With impish delight
Have got her a date
With a paddle tonight.

TheBoss is beginning the Twelve Spanking Days of Christmas tradition with one cane stroke. Urgh! At least it’s just one. Here’s hoping he’s got feather pillows, silk scarves, and fuzzy bunny slippers in mind for the other eleven days!