Life, Art and Spanking…

Angelica – Life, Love and Spanking

My new story is out and you can read it 🙂

This story is all about the young Angelica. She returns to her hometown some 14 years after a tragedy in her life caused her to leave.

The story is intense and deals with a girl who became a woman and a mother before she was ready, and her subsequent life and struggles.

It is also about family, love, forgivness, longing, and happiness. There are several related sub plots that lend a real flavor of life to the story. The characters are not 2 dimensional fixed evil or good characters. They are flesh and blood with human emotions thoughts and feelings – and Angelica’s life is full of challenges.

Find more out on Amazon for the first part:

angelica life love spanking

Part number 2:

angelica life love spanking

…and the grand finale:

angelica life love spanking

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Life, Art and Spanking...

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Life, Art and Spanking...


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