When I first became interested in the spanking scene, there were a number of words, phrases, euphemisms, and acronyms that I did not know. I have been contacted by a number of readers who confess to me that they are new to the spanking and BDSM scene – so I thought I’d offer some helpful vocabulary once in awhile.

Today’s vocabulary word is: martinet. It is a French word because it is a French implement, and though the French do not pronounce the T at the end of the word – those of us who speak English generally do. (French: /mar – tee – nay/ English: /mar – tin – et/).

A martinet is a short multi-tailed flogger with a handle. The tails are generally made of supple leather and the handle is usually wooden.

Here is a picture:


The London Tanners sells several different styles of martinets if you are interested in adding one to your collection.

I understand that these can still be purchased in France at hardware shops for a small amount of money. If ever I’m in France, I’ll be sure to give it a try myself.