I’m sure most of you have heard of various drinking games where, at a certain designated moment, people have to drink. Some of the best ones involve television because A) you don’t have to do any thinking, and B) television is pretty mindless even before you add alcohol.

Because we get a higher quality crowd around here, we decided to combine the classics with spanking. Get a copy of The Story of O (the version directed by Just Jaeckin from ’75… trust me, it’s the best of the lot) and a subbie with an exposed tail. Now, every time anyone gets whipped during the movie, you start swatting your girl’s tail. Easy, entertaining, fun. What more could you ask for from a game? Unless you have the stamina of a horse, however, I do not recommend the “Have sex every time O has sex game,” heh.

Lacking a television in our bedroom, I hauled out a big, comfy mattress into the living room and put Invidia on it with her butt in the air and ready for me. To keep truer to the movie, I decided on a riding crop. A whip or cane would’ve been good, too, but I’ve really been enjoying my new riding crop, so the choice was easy.

I must say, it worked out very well. The movie is super hot and there’s enough whipping scenes to make a timid subbie cower in horror. There’s a scene I like a lot where O is whipping a fellow submissive and really lets loose. I really swatted the tar out of Invidia’s butt on that part of the movie judging by her cries and thrashing about. The actress may have been faking, but certainly my sweetie was not! Unlike my usual tastes for movies, I didn’t mind that the beatings and sex were faked… the movie is that good.

Of course, after ninety-eight minutes of erotic swattings and a sexy movie, we did the wild thing in the middle of the living room. I think I’ll be leaving that mattress in that room for awhile! Now all I have to do is find another few good movies. Hmmmm… too bad Secretary doesn’t have enough beatings in it, heh.